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A long time ago, long before the days of Gucci, there was once a beautiful kingdom in Italy called Fashion Paradise. This was beautiful place with flowing cloaks, and stylish robes, and it was ruled by the gorgeous and kind Prince Antonin, who defended his kingdom along with his friends. But, one sad day, and evil force appeared in Fashion Paradise- the evil witch Carrion appeared, and with her dark magic, she managed to destroy the Kingdom of Fashion. Antonin knew he could not defeat Carrion with the limited magic in his time, so he used the magical Universe Reflection Cloak to seal Carrion away in the center of the Earth. However, this left him very weak, and he knew he would not survive long enough to amass enough power to defeat Carrion. The defenders of the kingdom gathered the last of their spells, and sealed them away inside mystical necklace, hoping that it would someday be found and their mission could be complete.

Thousands of years later, in the dirty little town of Gratiot, a young man named Anthony Egbert discovers the necklace in a thrift shop. Anthony has always wanted to be the world's most famous fashion designer- and with the power of the Necklace, he may just get his wish!

*Original Characters Only
*Anyone may join, but there may not always be a character open for play. Contact setzer_gabbiani or emperor_a for info on this.
*Use common sense... and complete sentences.

Character Creation-

Each character bio must be posted in their original appearance, and must contain-

Hair Color
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Favorite Color

Also, each character can come with ONE piece of Legendary Clothing, and ONE Legendary Accessory. The abilities and histories of these items are subject to review from the moderator. Other pieces may be awarded as the story progresses.